An innovative solution to drive process and operational efficiency.

About Protrak

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A SaaS product from Prorigo, Protrak leverages social, mobile, analytics, and cloud technologies to deliver a solution with product lifecycle definition and end-to-end tracking.

Flexible architecture that enables agility to respond to evolving business needs of any domain.

Developed through our experience about dynamics of various projects across multiple industries, Protrak combines multiple facets of a project - planning, scheduling, inventory management, project tracking, and analytics.

Rich REST API for building integrations with external systems.

Protrak Platform


  • Browser based HTML5 responsive application.
  • Application Schema and Product Lifecycle definitions.
  • Dashboard and Report definitions and runtime views.
  • Item creation, modification, geo-location, and state promotions.
  • Access control – User and Role based.


  • QR code scanning.
  • Dashboards, Tasks, and Messaging.
  • Item creation, modification, geo-location, and state promotions.


  • Standardize processes

    • Configure Protrak schema to suit your needs with easy to define Attributes, Types and Relationships.
    • Define business processes with Protrak Lifecycles and deploy them consistently across your organization.
    • Get fine grained control over your processes with role based access for state promote actions and tasks.
    • Ensure the right content reaches the right audience by defining what is viewable and editable at each lifecycle state of an Item.
    • Print QR code for each unit item or deliverable and track it through its lifecycle.
  • Improve productivity

    • Deal with large data with Protrak Excel plugin that allows to do bulk upload and download of items.
    • Be mobile with the Protrak mobile app.
    • QR code scanning from mobile device to speed up user input.
    • Communicate more effectively with contextual messages, mobile captured pictures and white boarding.
    • Give clarity of tasks to your employees with calendar views of task assignments.
    • Graphical view of lifecycle with current state of item.
  • Configurable Schema

    • Adapt Protrak to your terminology and processes by simple configurations.
    • Respond to changes by adding attributes dynamically and update dashboards and reports without any code change .
    • Add new roles and manage permissions based on changing needs.
  • Improve collaboration

    • Enable users to collaborate effectively with messaging, item scoped attachments.
    • Communicate faster from mobile with easily accessible user details.
    • Item based activity history with performed actions, user posts, and comments.
  • Simplified integration

    • Rich REST API backed up with Service Oriented Architecture.
    • Facilitate user to annotate captured pictures and communicate defects affectively through mobile white-boarding feature.

Manage change with agility

  • Define role based dashboards and reports.
  • Manage changing business needs by simply configuring additional attributes.
  • Expedite rollouts of process updates across multiple locations with Protrak mobile and Web.

Insights into every aspect

  • Define your graphical reports with grouping and aggregate functions, and get improved real-time insights with drill down reports.
  • Export report data to Excel for further analysis.
  • Use Protrak Excel plugin for custom reporting.

Configurable User Interface

  • Take control of the UI by defining the home page layout and top level navigation menus visible for each role.
  • Create new dashboards on demand for any type.
  • Search the data the way you want by configuring state based filters and attribute based filters.

Reduce risk with security

  • Define your own roles and actions for each role.
  • Role based dashboards and reports.
  • Hierarchical access control on items connected with relationships.

Cloud ready

  • Scalable architecture designed for cloud from day one.
  • Scale the application to suit your growing business needs without investing upfront on hardware.